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As the winter season settles in Australia, staying healthy becomes a necessity. One of the ways to boost your body’s immune system is homemade herbal teas made from fruits, herbs, or spices— easily found in your pantry. 

Beyond soothing warmth, natural herbal teas also have plenty of nutritional value. It keeps illnesses like Novavirus popularly called winter bugs far away. 

We engaged our community who swear these homemade herbal teas are the secret to stay strong during winter. So what’s yours?  Do you have any tested and trusted homemade tea remedies you drink to stay healthy and happy? Add yours in the comment section of this blog post or on Facebook. 

4 Homemade Teas and Their Benefits  

  • Table of Contents
  • 1. Chamomile Tea 
  • 2. Lemon Tea
  • 3. Echinacea Tea
  • 4. Elderberry Tea

1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea offers many benefits including 

  • Relaxes your nerves  
  • Improves good sleep  
  • It helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • It also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. 

In any case, if you don’t have any in your panty, you can check with your local food vendors at Food Markies or a health food store.

2. Lemon Tea

The unique flavour of lemon makes it a popular ingredient in drinks, food and desserts. It is also used for cleaning.  Apart from helping with cold, lemon offers several benefits such as 

  • Clear skin complexion and anti-ageing properties. 
  • Aids weight loss.
  • Regulates high sugar
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Sore throat and cough

3. Echinacea Tea

Like other herbal counterparts, Echinacea is a popular herb for preventing and treating colds. Other benefits of the flower include 

  • Boosts the body’s immune system against infection
  • Reduces pain 
  • Acts as a laxative and anti-inflammatory agent

4. Elderberry tea

Elderberry tea is an acquired taste. If the taste is not your usual bucket of tea, you can change it to suit your own taste by adding a few other spices such as cinnamon or clove. The health benefits include 

  • Helps to reduce cold
  • Prevents disease and bacteria
  • High in nutrients
  • Reduce blood sugar amongst others.

How To Make Herbal Tea

Making herbal teas is a breeze and doesn’t require much kitchen skills. In general, you simply follow the same process while the herbs are what changes.

  • Boil 2 or 4 cups of water 
  • Add the fresh or dried herbs in a mug.
  • Allow to steep for 2-5 minutes.
  • Strain the herb and add honey, lemon or any other herbs if desired. 

Viola! Enjoy your warm tea.

Bottom Line

There you have it. These homemade herbal teas are a must-try. They are packed with natural goodness to boost your immune system to beat the winter cold and flus. The great thing about these teas is you already have the herbs in your pantry. If not, Food Markies has your back. So, go right ahead and whip up a nourishing cup of tea whenever you need a little warmth and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find these ingredients to make herbal tea?

A: You can shop for some of these ingredients on the Food Markies website, which connects you with varieties of local specialty, artisanal and multicultural food providers in Nowra.

2. Can I use dried herbs instead of fresh ones for these teas?

A: Yes, you can. You can substitute fresh herbs for dried ones. Just check your dried herbs are of good quality to get the best of these herbal teas. 

3. How often can I drink these herbal teas?

A: You can enjoy 2-3 cups of herbal teas throughout the day as part of your regular hydration.

4. Can I sweeten these teas with sugar or honey?

A. Yes, of course. Add natural sweetener like honey or lemon if desired. Avoid using artificial sweeteners as they may detract from the natural benefits of the herbs.

5. Can I mix different herbs together to create my herbal blend?

Absolutely! Experimenting with different combinations of herbs will help you discover unique flavours for your herbal teas. However, please consult with a healthcare professional for advice. 

Finally, if you do unearth any fascinating brew combinations that appeal to your taste buds, please share them. Or if you know your grandma’s secret ingredient for an amazing tea, let us know. As long as it does wonders for winter or any other time of the year, we’d love to hear about it. Share your favourite tea tips in the comment session.

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