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Nowra fresh food-market relocates to Harry-Sawkins-park

The Nowra CBD fresh food market that used to take place every Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm at Jellybean Park has relocated to Harry Sawkins following the cancellation of its permit by the council.

The council contacted Jess, one of the market organisers, to inform her that their permit was no longer valid. The market, previously a favourite spot for locals to buy fresh produce and handmade crafts, had to relocate since it was no longer connected to the Nowra CBD Revitalization Committee’s name or support.
Despite the setback, the market organisers enjoyed overwhelming community and local press support as they worked hard to find a new location. On Saturday, a ray of hope shone through as Jess announced to the market vendors:
“It looks like we might be going into Harry Sawkins Park, next to the council building. This is not far from Jellybean, in a grassed area, where we (stall holders) can keep our vehicles with our marquee. It’s also not an alcohol-free zone, so drink vendors can sell open drinks!! We also have room for doing events like open cinema nights and so much more…”
This news greatly relieved the local businesses eagerly waiting for updates. On Wednesday morning, Jess and Aly announced that they had received the permit, and the market would reopen on the 15th of February at 2 pm at Harry Sawkins.
The market will continue to operate every Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm, and organisers are urging locals to come out and support their favourite vendors at the new location.

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