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Hear the gush of your fresh milk flowing effortlessly from a clean tap. You don’t have to imagine it; milk on tap is already here in the Shoalhaven region!

We’ve got some fantastic news that will change how you think about buying your family’s milk. Nowra has stepped up to the plate and become an early pioneer in New South Wales to offer Milk On Tap. 

Imagine strolling into your favourite local organic food store in Nowra and discovering a whole new way to enjoy your daily milk. Thanks to a remarkable innovation by The Udder Way, a Tasmanian company, you can now experience Tilba Dairy Jersey Milk on tap right here in Nowra! But what makes this even more important is that It’s clean and green.

This means that every drop of that creamy, delicious Jersey milk goodness is delivered to you without a hint of waste. Not a single bit of waste! It is a win-win for both consumers of milk and the environment.

Have you ever thought about the plastic waste that comes from milk? It’s been a tricky issue because fresh milk has strict regulations, and finding alternatives was no easy feat. But guess what? The Udder Way and Bomo Bulk have tackled this head-on. Charlie Tindall, the sales representative from The Udder Way in Tasmania, shared, “With the option of bottle reuse, you’re now only having to pay for the milk.” That’s right – the extra costs tied to glass bottling have been eliminated, making it a more affordable and eco-friendly choice.

When they did the maths, they found that by making this switch, more than 72 individual plastic bottles were not wasted in the first few weeks of implementation, and more plastic will be reduced as more people switch over. With the potential of 432 bottles saved per week, it is estimated that would save approximately 22,464 plastic bottles from landfill each year. Isn’t that incredible?

The amazing person behind this latest innovation is none other than a local businesswoman, Jessica from Bomo Bulk, who we are so fortunate to have as one of the vendors on Food Markies’ local online market. Bomo Bulk has been your go-to destination in Nowra for all things organic food for the past two years. So, it was only natural for them to take the lead in offering a waste-free milk refilling station. Now, you can grab a glass milk bottle and fill it up over and over again with Tilba Dairy’s delicious creamy Jersey milk. No more dealing with plastic milk bottles that pile up in our rubbish bins.

Jessica shared that having fresh milk on tap had been part of her vision since opening her store. However, she had been unable to implement it until she found a business that could collaborate with her to make her vision a reality. Once she learned of the Udder Way’s innovative patent system,  talks began, and with the Tilba Dairy on board, fresh milk on tap became a reality.

We congratulate Jessica and Bomo Bulk for their incredible impact by being the first milk on tap in Shoalhaven and reducing our waste. 

Let us know what you think about the fresh milk on the milk tap concept. Leave a comment below.

One reply on “Shoalhaven’s First Waste-Free ‘Milk On Tap’”

What a remarkable innovation in Nowra! Tilba Dairy Jersey Milk on tap, introduced by The Udder Way and Bomo Bulk, is a game-changer for convenience and sustainability.

Their focus on reducing plastic waste is impressive. Offering reusable glass bottles instead of individual plastic ones is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Saving 22,464 plastic bottles annually is outstanding!

Kudos to Jessica and Bomo Bulk for leading this impactful initiative, creating a waste-free milk refilling station. It’s inspiring to see local businesses championing eco-conscious solutions benefiting both consumers and the environment.

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