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Nowra CBD Fresh Food Market Relocates to Harry Sawkins After Permit Cancellation

The Nowra CBD fresh food market that used to take place every Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm at Jellybean Park has relocated to Harry Sawkins following the cancellation of its permit by the council.

The council contacted Jess, one of the market organisers, to inform her that their permit was no longer valid. The market, previously a favourite spot for locals to buy fresh produce and handmade crafts, had to relocate since it was no longer connected to the Nowra CBD Revitalization Committee’s name or support.
Despite the setback, the market organisers enjoyed overwhelming community and local press support as they worked hard to find a new location. On Saturday, a ray of hope shone through as Jess announced to the market vendors:
“It looks like we might be going into Harry Sawkins Park, next to the council building. This is not far from Jellybean, in a grassed area, where we (stall holders) can keep our vehicles with our marquee. It’s also not an alcohol-free zone, so drink vendors can sell open drinks!! We also have room for doing events like open cinema nights and so much more…”
This news greatly relieved the local businesses eagerly waiting for updates. On Wednesday morning, Jess and Aly announced that they had received the permit, and the market would reopen on the 15th of February at 2 pm at Harry Sawkins.
The market will continue to operate every Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm, and organisers are urging locals to come out and support their favourite vendors at the new location.

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6 Benefits of Choosing Online Food Shopping Over Traditional Stores

My Experience And Thoughts.

As someone who loved visiting local shops, I was hesitant to switch to online grocery shopping until my life became very busy. However, I realized how much time and energy I was wasting by physically going to different shops near me. Now, I can confidently say that online grocery shopping has saved me hundreds of dollars each month and made my life a lot easier. Here are seven benefits of choosing online food shopping over traditional stores:

Key Benefits

  1. Savings from non-impulsive purchases
  2. Better budget control
  3. More savings from wrong billing at the payment point.
  4. Convenience and Time-Saving Benefits
  5. More product choices 
  6. More value for Money with Competitive Pricing and Exclusive Deals
  1. Convenient Delivery Options

Online shopping is great for making planned purchases and avoiding impulsive buys. It allows you to easily search for specific items, compare prices, and make informed decisions. You can keep track of your total cart cost as you add items, which helps avoid any unpleasant surprises at checkout. In a physical store, the temptation to buy on impulse is stronger, but online shopping lets you purchase only what you need, saving you money in the long run.

  1. Better budget control

Are you looking for a better way to control your grocery budget? Shopping in traditional brick-and-mortar stores can make it tricky to stick to a budget. However, online food shopping offers a standout advantage – it lets you scrutinize and refine your shopping cart before making the final purchase. Unlike in a physical store, it can be hard to keep track of the cost of items when shopping for many things. But with online shopping, you can remove the guesswork associated with traditional purchases. Real-time cost calculations are available with each addition to your virtual cart. This feature allows you to track your expenses better and prevents unwelcome surprises at the checkout.

  1. Save more from wrong billing at the payment point.

Do you sometimes pick up products on specials or attractive prices, only to face a surprise price hike at checkout? I know the feeling. Once, I picked up a bottle of oil at $14, only to be charged almost $16 at checkout. Although you can get a full refund and a free product if you discover these errors after payment at major supermarkets, think about how many of these price hikes go unnoticed. With online shopping, there are no surprises. What you see is what you pay. It’s that simple.

  1. Convenience and Time-Saving Benefits

Online food shopping offers convenience and time-saving benefits, making local shopping a comfortable experience. Who wants to deal with long queues, crowded aisles, and spend so much time shopping around town? During my holiday, I was interested in exploring artisanal food products from small businesses for healthier and tastier food items. However, it was tough to do so without eating up my precious holiday time. Fortunately, community marketplaces like Food Markies have come to the rescue by making it easy, convenient, and time-saving to discover and shop instantly with multiple local food providers. This is great for both tourists and residents who want to shop around without spending hours going from shop to shop or missing out on unique products.

  1. Get More Value for Your Money with Competitive Pricing and Exclusive Deals.

Shopping for groceries online is not only convenient, but it also offers many benefits. Online retailers have lower overhead costs than physical stores, which means they can offer more competitive prices. Additionally, exclusive deals and promotions are available only to online shoppers. You can save even more money by taking advantage of loyalty programs, frequent shopper discounts, and free delivery options. It’s a win-win situation!

  1. Convenient Delivery Options

Do you hate waiting in long lines and struggling to find a parking spot when grocery shopping? Well, online grocery shopping might just be the solution you need! With online shopping, you can save time, enjoy a wide selection of products, and benefit from the convenience of having your groceries delivered right to your doorstep. Plus, you can take advantage of same-day or next-day scheduled deliveries, which means you don’t have to wait long to receive your order. Moreover, many platforms offer flexible delivery time slots, allowing you to choose a delivery time that best suits your busy schedule. So, go ahead and enjoy your free time while your groceries are conveniently delivered to you!

Final Thoughts

As a busy mum, working professional, and student who loves to save money for holidays and investments, I’ve discovered that online food shopping is convenient, saves time and helps me be more intentional about how I spend my money. It also helps me to save more to achieve my personal goals. For those living in Nowra, NSW, Food Markies local marketplace is a great option to take advantage of these benefits while supporting a local business. The platform offers access to quality food products sold by people in my community, which is great because it keeps things local and benefits locals. So why not try online food shopping and see the difference it can make in your grocery shopping experience?


Is online food shopping safe? Yes, reputable online websites have secure payment systems and hygiene protocols.

– Is online food shopping more expensive? Not necessarily! While some specialty items cost more, competitive pricing and exclusive deals can often lead to savings compared to traditional stores.

– What happens if I receive damaged or incorrect products? Reputable platforms have customer service teams to address such issues and offer replacements or refunds.

– Can I choose my delivery time slot? Yes, most platforms offer flexible time slots to choose from.

– Can I track my order? Yes, most platforms offer order tracking so you can see precisely when your groceries will arrive.

We would love to hear from you. Have you ever experienced a price increase at store payment points? Does online shopping help you avoid impulse buying? Please share your experience with our readers, and let’s learn something new from you. Share your thoughts with us.

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Local Treasures: Nowra’s Top Gift Picks for DIY Christmas Hampers

Creating a personalised Christmas hamper is a thoughtful and unique way to show your loved ones how much you care. Nowra, a beautiful town on the south coast of New South Wales, offers a wide range of locally sourced items that are perfect for your DIY hamper this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for gourmet foods, handmade crafts, or artisanal products, Nowra has something for everyone.

Your choice of gift items all comes down to your personal preferences. If you enjoy offering unique artisanal gifts and supporting local businesses, you may want to consider quality food products made by local producers in Nowra and its neighbouring suburbs.

To make it easier for you, we have created a list of products and added links to where you can easily order them online.

Premium quality lemon infused Olive oil, olives and more by Contadino Olive Farm

Crostoli with chocolate by Shell’s Mobile Cafe

Homegrown Flowers A Touch of Charm

Homemade jam- Yo Mama’s Kitchen

Tara “The Peeler” Limoncello (An award winning product) –Tara Distillery

Premium quality tea- Tea Journeys

Sweet or savoury grazing boxes- Neck of the Woods Cafe

Organic White Rice Vinegar at Bomo Bulk

sparkling honey lemon drink- Bees R Us Braidwood

Exotic wines by Petersons wines

Do you know of any businesses or products that we missed on our list? Please let us know in the comments below so we can update our list.

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16 Charitable Things To Do In Nowra This Christmas Holiday

It is the season of giving, a time to spread kindness and joy throughout your community. If you’re looking for ways to make a difference this Christmas, consider incorporating charitable activities into your holiday plans. We have compiled a list of ideas that inspire you to share love and generosity this holiday season.

  1. Adopt a Family for a Festive Meal: Get in touch with local charities or community centres in Nowra and offer to adopt a family in need. You can also go the extra mile and provide ingredients and recipes for a festive meal. This personal touch adds warmth and joy to their holiday celebration.
Additional information: Click To View A List of Local Charities In Nowra

Did we omit a local charity you know in Nowra? Add their names in the comment section for us to update this list.

  1. Make a Pay-it-Forward Donation: Consider paying for someone else’s groceries in advance. Some organisations and non-profits in Nowra facilitate pay-it-forward grocery purchases, which can be a great way to get involved with a charity to make a meaningful difference and create a ripple of positivity and kindness in the community.
  1. Send Cards to Seniors: Many seniors may spend the holidays alone. Brighten their days by creating and sending handmade or heartfelt cards. Reach out to local nursing homes or senior centres to distribute the cards.
  1. Bake and Share: Baking and sharing homemade cookies, cakes, or other treats is a great way to show appreciation to friends, neighbours, first responders, or your local service providers.
  1. Forgive someone or Mend Relationship: Forgiveness is a powerful act of kindness that can heal wounds, mend relationships, and bring peace to your heart. This Christmas, consider forgiving someone who has offended you as one of the most charitable things you can do. Letting go of anger and resentment can be challenging, but by forgiving someone who has wronged you, you give them the gift of a second chance and free yourself from negative emotions.
  1. Create Care Packages: Assemble care packages with essential items and festive treats. Distribute them to individuals experiencing homelessness or families facing financial challenges.
  1. Volunteer Virtually: Explore virtual volunteering opportunities. From online tutoring to virtual companionship for seniors, there are various ways to make a difference from the comfort of your home.
  1. Support Local Businesses: Support local food businesses by shopping and referring people to them. This not only supports local entrepreneurs but creates opportunities for a better-knit community.
Here is a list of local food businesses in Nowra that offer online shopping for home delivery.
  • Contadino Olive farm– seasonal fruits, vegetables, Olives, Olive oil and more.
  • Tea Journeys– They produce and package a wide variety of premium assorted teas. They also supply dairy milk alternatives.
  • Bomo Bulk– Talk about fresh and dried organic food products. It’s Bomo Bulk.
  • Staples – Locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and African food ingredients in Nowra.
  • Beresfords Quality Meat– Award-winning traditional sausages, artisanal meat cuts, and more.
  • A Touch of Charm– Free-range eggs and beautiful flowers.
  • Teresa’s Trattoria– Italian meals
  • Yo Mama’s Kitchen– Varieties of home-made jams, scones, and home-cooked meals for families
  • Two Brown Men– Indian meals for families
  • Other businesses-
  1.  Animal Shelter Assistance: Get in touch with local animal shelters to find out how you can help. They may need monetary donations, pet supplies or volunteers to assist with the animals.
  1. Group Decoration: Select a group of friends and take turns creating Christmas decorations for each other’s homes on a scheduled date. This activity can provide an opportunity to bond and unleash your creative side. 
  1. Share the Love: A small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life. Offer to run errands for a neighbour, call to check on a family member or friend you’ve seen in a long time or spend time chatting with those who would love to have some company.
  1. Be a Secret Santa: Surprise someone becoming a Secret Santa. You can anonymously gift something special to a neighbour, coworker, or someone from a local charity.
  1. Virtual Caroling for a Cause: Organise a virtual carolling session with friends, family or community members to spread holiday cheer and create good memories.
  1. Express Gratitude: Take a moment to appreciate the people who have positively impacted your life. Write letters or send messages of gratitude to friends, family, colleagues, and community members.
  1. Create Food Gift Baskets: You can put together a collection of locally sourced goodies, homemade treats, and pantry staples. Afterwards, you can deliver these thoughtful baskets to elderly neighbours or families. It’s a gesture that brings both sustenance and holiday spirit.
  2. Organise a Food Drive with a Twist: Host a food drive in your area and add a creative twist. Encourage participants to donate ingredients for a specific holiday recipe. Collect the items, assemble recipe cards, and distribute complete meal kits to families in need or your favourite local charity. It’s a delightful way to share the joy of cooking during the festive season

Remember, every small act of kindness counts and can create a brighter, more compassionate community. May you have a joyful and meaningful holiday season!”

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16 Food Activities Families Can Do in Nowra on a Rainy Day.

Isn’t it lovely to be out with our kids on the beach, in the park or somewhere fun on a nice sunny day? I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new, family fun activities to do with my kids when it’s raining here in Nowra. Something different, something fun that will both entertain and teach them new skills. A Rainy or windy day can provide the perfect opportunity for indoor food adventures filled with creativity, laughter and joy.

On a rainy day, you and your family can engage in any of these 16 enjoyable food-based activities.

  1. Homemade Pizza Challenge
  2. Build Your Own Tacos
  3. Local online shopping
  4. Baking Cookies
  5. DIY Ice Cream Sundaes
  6. Cupcake Decorating
  7. Pasta Making
  8. Smoothie Creations
  9. Fruit Fondue
  10. Fruit punch Mixing
  11. International Food Adventure
  12. Homemade Pretzels
  13. Chocolate-Making Workshop:
  14. Indoor Picnic:
  15. Recipe Swap Challenge
  16. Food Art
  1. Homemade Pizza Challenge

Set up a pizza-making station with pre-made dough, a variety of sauces, cheeses, olives,  toppings and more. Let each family member create their personalised pizzas. Which family member has made the funniest-looking or tastiest pizza?

2. Build Your Own Tacos

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love it when they get to make their own. Lay out various taco fillings like seasoned meats, beans, cheeses, veggies, and sauces for everyone to make theirs.

3. Local online shopping

You can explore Nowra’s local online food market and shop for artisanal food products or ingredients with small businesses who are passionate about the quality of their product.

  1. DIY Ice Cream Sundaes

Create an ice cream sundae bar with various flavours, toppings, sauces, and whipped cream. Let everyone build their dream sundaes. For the little ones, have the ice cream already in bowls and let them add toppings.

5. Cupcake Decorating

Bake a batch of cupcakes and have a decorating contest with colourful frosting, sprinkles, edible glitter, and other fun toppings.

6. Pasta Making

If you have a pasta maker, try making fresh pasta together. Alternatively, create your pasta shapes using cookie cutters and have a pasta-cooking and sauce-making competition.

7. Smoothie Creations

If you have a variety of fruit at home, let each person choose their combination. Blend up each person’s choice. Compare flavours by holding a blind taste test. Make it fun and have a good laugh together.

  1. Fruit Fondue

Prepare a variety of fruits and melt chocolate or caramel for dipping. Enjoy a fondue-style dessert as you dip and enjoy the sweet treats. (Just make sure your toppings aren’t too warm!)

  1. Fruit Punch Mixes

Create fruit punch using different fruit juices, sodas, and garnishes. Have a taste-testing competition to see who can create the best concoction. Using fruit and herbs frozen in ice cubes can add an extra special touch.

10. International Food Adventure

Choose a country or culture and explore its cuisine. Cook dishes together that represent that culture, learn about its food traditions, and watch a movie set in that country. For example, Ratatouille – France.

11. Homemade Pretzels

Make soft pretzels from scratch and experiment with different toppings like cheese, cinnamon sugar, and various dips.

12. Chocolate-Making Workshop

Melt chocolate and pour it into moulds to create your own homemade chocolates. You can add nuts, dried fruits, or other flavourings.

13. Indoor Picnic 

Spread out a blanket on the living room floor and prepare a picnic-style spread with sandwiches, snacks, and finger foods.

14. Recipe Swap Challenge

Have each family member find a recipe online or from a cookbook, then take turns making each other’s chosen recipes.

  1. Food Art 

Use various ingredients to create edible art. Think fruit kebab sculptures, vegetable animals, or even arranging snacks to create a larger image. There are some great ideas online!

16. Baking Biscuits 

Whip up a batch of biscuit dough and have a baking competition to see who can create the most creative and delicious cookies. If your kids are too young to bake, you can let them explore their creativity by working out age-appropriate things for them to do with the cookies.

Hey, at the end of the day, it is about having fun together. Let us know in the comments below if you have some great ideas we haven’t thought of.

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Celebrating Excellence Among Local Food Businesses in Nowra, NSW Community.

Yesterday, May 1, 2023, marked the launch of the Local Food Hero award program to celebrate the best of our local food scene. The Local Food Hero Award aims to recognize and celebrate the most amazing local food businesses around Nowra. Nominations are now open, giving people in Nowra and its neighbouring suburbs the chance to recognize and support their favourite local food businesses.

“We’re excited to launch the maiden edition of this great initiative to celebrate the amazing local food businesses that make Nowra such a vibrant and wonderful place to experience,” said Elizabeth Akinsanya, Founder of Food Markies. “By nominating and voting for your favourite local food business, you’re not only supporting them but also helping to build a stronger and more connected community.”

To nominate your favourite local food business and learn more about the Local Food Hero award, visit and conditions apply.

The five businesses with the most nominations will be put to a public vote starting May 16, 2023. The winner of the final vote will receive a fantastic prize package sponsored by Food Markies and Drummerboy Pictures, helping them grow their business and continue providing great quality food with excellence to our community.

About Food Markies: & Drummerboy pictures

Food Markies is an online market for selling food online, shopping with small local food businesses and building a stronger community. We believe in a local food system that helps local families thrive better. For people who are too busy to shop all over town, we provide easy and convenient access to delicious, high-quality food offered by small local businesses in your community,

Drummerboy Pictures is a highly reputable and professional filmmaking & photography business capturing the rhythm of life in the Shoalhaven region. Harry, the business owner of Drummerboy Pictures, is highly rated for his work in Kangaroo Valley, and he is passionate about supporting his local community.