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16 Food Activities Families Can Do in Nowra on a Rainy Day.

Isn’t it lovely to be out with our kids on the beach, in the park or somewhere fun on a nice sunny day? I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new, family fun activities to do with my kids when it’s raining here in Nowra. Something different, something fun that will both entertain and teach them new skills. A Rainy or windy day can provide the perfect opportunity for indoor food adventures filled with creativity, laughter and joy.

On a rainy day, you and your family can engage in any of these 16 enjoyable food-based activities.

  1. Homemade Pizza Challenge
  2. Build Your Own Tacos
  3. Local online shopping
  4. Baking Cookies
  5. DIY Ice Cream Sundaes
  6. Cupcake Decorating
  7. Pasta Making
  8. Smoothie Creations
  9. Fruit Fondue
  10. Fruit punch Mixing
  11. International Food Adventure
  12. Homemade Pretzels
  13. Chocolate-Making Workshop:
  14. Indoor Picnic:
  15. Recipe Swap Challenge
  16. Food Art
  1. Homemade Pizza Challenge

Set up a pizza-making station with pre-made dough, a variety of sauces, cheeses, olives,  toppings and more. Let each family member create their personalised pizzas. Which family member has made the funniest-looking or tastiest pizza?

2. Build Your Own Tacos

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love it when they get to make their own. Lay out various taco fillings like seasoned meats, beans, cheeses, veggies, and sauces for everyone to make theirs.

3. Local online shopping

You can explore Nowra’s local online food market and shop for artisanal food products or ingredients with small businesses who are passionate about the quality of their product.

  1. DIY Ice Cream Sundaes

Create an ice cream sundae bar with various flavours, toppings, sauces, and whipped cream. Let everyone build their dream sundaes. For the little ones, have the ice cream already in bowls and let them add toppings.

5. Cupcake Decorating

Bake a batch of cupcakes and have a decorating contest with colourful frosting, sprinkles, edible glitter, and other fun toppings.

6. Pasta Making

If you have a pasta maker, try making fresh pasta together. Alternatively, create your pasta shapes using cookie cutters and have a pasta-cooking and sauce-making competition.

7. Smoothie Creations

If you have a variety of fruit at home, let each person choose their combination. Blend up each person’s choice. Compare flavours by holding a blind taste test. Make it fun and have a good laugh together.

  1. Fruit Fondue

Prepare a variety of fruits and melt chocolate or caramel for dipping. Enjoy a fondue-style dessert as you dip and enjoy the sweet treats. (Just make sure your toppings aren’t too warm!)

  1. Fruit Punch Mixes

Create fruit punch using different fruit juices, sodas, and garnishes. Have a taste-testing competition to see who can create the best concoction. Using fruit and herbs frozen in ice cubes can add an extra special touch.

10. International Food Adventure

Choose a country or culture and explore its cuisine. Cook dishes together that represent that culture, learn about its food traditions, and watch a movie set in that country. For example, Ratatouille – France.

11. Homemade Pretzels

Make soft pretzels from scratch and experiment with different toppings like cheese, cinnamon sugar, and various dips.

12. Chocolate-Making Workshop

Melt chocolate and pour it into moulds to create your own homemade chocolates. You can add nuts, dried fruits, or other flavourings.

13. Indoor Picnic 

Spread out a blanket on the living room floor and prepare a picnic-style spread with sandwiches, snacks, and finger foods.

14. Recipe Swap Challenge

Have each family member find a recipe online or from a cookbook, then take turns making each other’s chosen recipes.

  1. Food Art 

Use various ingredients to create edible art. Think fruit kebab sculptures, vegetable animals, or even arranging snacks to create a larger image. There are some great ideas online!

16. Baking Biscuits 

Whip up a batch of biscuit dough and have a baking competition to see who can create the most creative and delicious cookies. If your kids are too young to bake, you can let them explore their creativity by working out age-appropriate things for them to do with the cookies.

Hey, at the end of the day, it is about having fun together. Let us know in the comments below if you have some great ideas we haven’t thought of.