Online grocery shopping with small businesses near you.

Shop groceries online with businesses near you. Get fresh ingredients, artisanal products, and meals delivered from your local businesses to your door. 

Discover the best artisanal and specialty food products in your local area, or pay it forward for someone else by shopping with charity shops on Food Markies’ online grocery market.

Shop a wide selection of fresh produce, meat, free-range eggs, ready meals, Indian food, African food ingredients, and more on Food Markies.

With three simple steps, you can enjoy healthy nutrition and make a difference in your community. (watch our video guide):

  • Browse and shop by category or your favourite local shops
  • Pay vendors securely in one transaction
  • Receive your orders on schedule
Love local? Shop with small food businesses near you.
We are stronger together! ​

Shop local with Food Markies online market


Our mission is to make it easy to shop for groceries online with food businesses near you. Join our growing community of locals, helping locals to thrive by supporting the businesses in your community and paying it forward for others with charities on our platform.

Together, let’s build a convenient local food system that benefits families in your community.

Do your online grocery shopping with small food businesses in your area.

We make local grocery shopping convenient.

Each time you shop your groceries with local businesses and charities on Food Markies online market, you create opportunities for:

  • Access to fresher, better quality food.
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Families to thrive better and,
  • Build a vibrant community. 


Our business community brings quality food to your table.

Google Rating
Manobi Ghose
Manobi Ghose
Read More
Had the wonderful opportunity to do an internship with the company and I can easily say it was a wonderful experience. The founder is great and super understanding. All the staff and suppliers are super friendly. And their initiative and what they stand for is very inspiring.
Mary-Claire Gee
Mary-Claire Gee
Read More
I ordered a Lasagne from Teresa's Trattoria through Food Markies. It was easy and the meal was delicious. I will definitely be buying from Food Markies and Teresa's Trattoria again!
James Norberto
James Norberto
Read More
Highly recommend Food Markies for adoption based on its purpose and vision to make buying food directly from local producers much easier!
Aleftina Gileff
Aleftina Gileff
Read More
Great platform to be able to get fresh produce and stuff directly from the local farmers and a great way to support our local farming communities who work so hard. Great way to be able to shop for the best and knowing where it came from.
Cherie Monte
Cherie Monte
Read More
So great to be able to source straight from the farmers! Would much prefer they get my money than a big company; and nothing beats fresh!
 Renee Luke
Renee Luke
Read More
Great platform, easy transaction process and I picked up some local produce straight from the farm gate. Will definitely use again!

About us

We are creating a local food system that benefits local families.

Food Markies is your go-to local online food market for buying or selling organic food, fresh artisanal meat, cold pressed olive oil, family meals, backyard fresh eggs, Homegrown or farm fresh fruits and veggies, multicultural foods and more in Nowra and the Shoalhaven region! We’re not your average online grocery market. Our platform connects you with small local businesses that pour their heart and soul into feeding their family and yours with healthy, nutritious food products.

Shop Groceries Online Near You

We value community connection and food security through local production and distribution of food. That’s why Food Markies lets you explore a wide range of groceries and cultural food ingredients sourced in your local area. With Food Markies, you can shop for quality specialty and gourmet food products from small businesses near you, something different from the mainstream supermarket.

Support Local Businesses Near You

What sets Food Markies apart is our dedication to building a sense of togetherness and solidarity within your community. By supporting local businesses, we can collectively enhance the well-being of our local area. When you shop on our platform, you’re not just buying products; you’re investing in the health and prosperity of your local community.

Sell Groceries and Meals Online Near you

Similar to a farmers market, Food Markies is an e-commerce platform where local providers set up their online shops to sell groceries and meals to customers in their area. Our online storefront is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for businesses to sell their products online. Supporting small businesses to sell their healthy food options is important for providing customers with more choices than just mass-produced items driven by cost reduction and profit maximisation by larger corporations. 

Shop Fresh Food Online in Your Local Area

Food Markies is more than just an online marketplace; it’s a nurturing community of locals supporting locals to thrive and enjoy access to healthier food options. Together, we promote the abundance of healthy food options through local production and distribution of artisanal and specialty food products produced or sold by people in our local areas.
 Food Markies is about your community, taste, and future well-being. We are working with local businesses and families to promote a local food system that benefits everyone in the community. Discover the joy of shopping locally and connecting with your neighbours in food business today!

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